Tricia Simone, is a Self-Esteem Activist. The author of “A Pocket Guide: To My Life Resume,” she is a decidedly intense, fiery, and passionate spirit who aims to ignite discussion, invoke ideas and challenge her audiences to explore life's hidden paradigms. Tricia travels the world as a public speaker and helps people obtain awareness and provides a strategy as it relates to their strengths, patterns and possibilities. This strategy empowers others to make confident decisions which moves them forward to the future they desire.


“Great read. We must value ourselves!” Tami E. Humphreys
“Without question, her work should be required reading and studying and reading and studying for any child of God who is seriously considering how to establish priorities in her life – at any point in her life.” Sharron E. Montgomery
“Explore Your Past, Accelerate Your Future.” ~Tricia Simone